Get Involved

Misson Statement

Almost every person sees things in the world that they think should be different.

They see good things that could be made better; they see “not-so-good things” they know should change.

HOW to make changes?

As individuals, we ask how do we start? Within a group that’s working for change, we ask how to be more effective, how to invite greater participation, or how to better interact with other groups in our town.

In both cases, the question remains – How?

The answer should be like a snowball rolling down a hill.

What if one developed contact with various groups in our town, (community based organizations, literacy groups, environmental groups, groups with human rights goals, church ministries, the police, etc.), in a way that allowed their agreement and willingness to expand a common purpose? What if one could gain agreement to use their mailing lists, email lists, and social media to bring the power of all these resources together in concert? A concert that answers our question of how to change the things that we know must change?

As a snowball rolls, it picks up mass and momentum, and our idea grows out of this concept. It becomes real.

We each live in “Our Town.” Everyone has a circle of family, friends and acquaintances in our town. And they also have their own circle. If we gather together, we can move mountains. Just as the snowball gets bigger rolling downhill, our efforts can be multiplied by combining them with others. The answer to the question of how is: Our Town.

Our Town is a series of shows held across the country to simplify and facilitate a greater communication between individuals and their community and to foster greater interaction between groups working to improve the quality of life in their own communities. To work together in concert. Brought together by a concert – “Our Town.”

Snowballs rolling down a hill. Communication happens, growth happens, and Our Town becomes a better town.

So, how do you get involved? Watch the short video included with this message. Consider the message. Imagine what can be done by bringing all of this together: the individuals and the groups. Imagine how this can happen. Come to the show. Consider the “how,” and then take the first step. It starts with a phone call or email to Tom Smith, Coordinator for Our Town.

After all, it is our town. And Our Town is “how.”

Thank you.

Tom Smith